June 30, 2023 2:15 pm The Music Room

Sunday, June 25, 2023 . 7PM


Performers on the Go is a team of professionals who offer a broad scope of artist development, branding and content generation services.  These services include music industry consultation, marketing, branding, website design, graphic design, videography, photography, songwriting, social media upkeep/strategy, promotional campaigns, PR and press releases, Spotify playlist pitching, management, booking, music tours, and studio production and consulting.  Mentors, coaches and supporters of rising talent.  Each client relationship is customized and aligned with the client’s priorities and future goals.  Performers on the Go focuses strongly on our office and Zoom development sessions which can include content generation, Spotify marketing strategies, competitive coaching, songwriting and vocal development and performance critiques.  The coaching also includes stage presence training for preparation of live performances.

Performers on the Go is committed to having its artists on the go and see their “music on the rise“.  Artists in all career levels participate from those with first time releases to those working on EPs and albums.

The management also has casted for American Idol for several seasons, and has provided artists for other music projects for songwriters and music entities.​  An affiliated organization, Young Performers Club, manages a long-term competitive showcase series at the Boston Hard Rock Cafe for all age groups.

CEO/Owner Patricia Duffey was the co-founder of the All You Got Tour, a youth music tour traveling through the New England region to a great lineup of venues, festivals and events.  The tour completed over 100 tour stops, has had over 100 artists participate, and performed in over 100 locations.

Performers on the Go will be presenting a showcase of their artists of all ages LIVE at The Music Room!