October 14, 2023 8:00 pm The Music Room

Saturday, October 14, 2023 . 8PM

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The Janis Joplin Experience was conceived when a promoter heard Lisa singing a Janis tune during a sound check.  He advised her to create a tribute to Janis and before she knew it she was booked!  The search began for players who were interested, but for the first two years it took two guitarists, three bassists and two keyboard players to find the right line up.  Michael, Stewart, Richard & Rick formed what is now known as The Janis Joplin Experience Starring Lisa Polizzi.

Lisa Polizzi was raised on the music her parents listened to, including rockabilly & Motown.  Her first musical influence was Elvis Presley but even at age of 17 someone approached her saying she reminded them of Janis Joplin.  After continuing to hear it, she decided to go for it in 2017 and formed the tribute to the legendary singer.

Lisa has played all over, performing at festivals, theaters, wineries & campgrounds to some of Long Islands biggest venues.  Prior to The Janis Joplin Experience, Lisa started singing publicly in her teens and formed her own cover band in 2014 named the Lisa Polizzi Band which she still performs with often.

Some of Lisa’s accomplishments are being voted one of the top 3 singers on long island.  A supporting act for Rascal Flatts.  She was also being considered for the role of Janis on Broadway.

Why is there a difference in price for available seats at The Music Room?

All seating at The Music Room is acquired with a first come, first served basis approach.  The Music Room provides all patrons with a live musical experience above and beyond your average concert hall, and supporting this vision are the 4 tiers of available seats at The Music Room.  With a nod to classic record sales certification, the 4 tiers are:  Diamond, Double Platinum, Platinum, and Gold.  Seats range in price based on several factors including artist availability and distance to the stage.

Do you have the same number of seats for each tier?

No.  The Diamond tier of seats only has 12 seats available.  These seats are 4 top rounds located right at the foot of the stage.  You cannot get any closer to the artist than these 12 seats.  These are considered premium seats and are usually purchased by the most ardent fans.

The Double Platinum sections features 4 top square tables and one special 2 top rectangle, and there are 14 seats available.  Still very close to the stage, these seats provide an exceptional view and personal experience.  Table no. 7 is a 2 top rectangle that sits just to the right of the stage and back approximately 6 feet.  It is an extremely popular table.

The Platinum section of seats has a mixture of 4 top squares, two 3 high top rounds, and 9 drink rail seats that are bar height.  The total number of seats in the Platinum section is 37.  These are all excellent seats and reside in the main room.  Depending on a viewer’s personal taste, a table, a high top, or a drink rail might be the right choice, but they are all fabulous and unobstructed.

Gold seating is available in the bar area and can be considered first come, first serve general admission.  Most of the seats are unobstructed but depending how patrons sit at the bar or high tops, there might be a slight obstruction.   Standing room is permitted in the Gold section. The sound is excellent and most Gold level tickets are purchased by patrons that want to be near the bar specifically or by patrons wanting to be further away from the stage by design.  Please refer to our pictures to determine if this area is what you are looking for.  There are only several seats available and mostly Standing Room.

*TICKET DISCLAIMER:  The Music Room has a NO REFUND POLICY.  In the event of a cancellation/reschedule, The Music Room will always honor the purchased ticket for the same seat and same artist at the original price.  If a show is cancelled and not rebooked, ticket holder will be issued a credit towards any future show/event at The Music Room.  Ticket holder assumes all risks, hazards, and dangers.  Event subject to change.  No ticket required for entry.  Please bring I.D*