July 30, 2023 3:30 pm The Music Room

Saturday, July 1, 2023 . 8PM


Carla Cooke is the youngest daughter of the legendary and iconic, one of the greatest soul singers of the 20th Century.  Carla’s future mirrors the image of her father crafting her sound in the church, similar to her father.  Her father’s roots are so deep that Carla has developed herself as an artist that connects with her father’s music.  Having her Father, her God Father, Sir Mac Rice, writer of “Cheaper to Keep Her” and “Mustang Sally” and her Uncle Recording Artist LC Cooke as inspirations, motivates the journey she is on as an Artist.

Carla Cooke’s style is diverse in Gospel, Christian, R&B, Soul, Pop and the contemporary sound that embraces today’s culture.  With a strong vocal range like her father and with the same warm and inviting personality, Carla’s stage presence commands the environment wherever she performs.

Carla has a new album entitled “A Time to Remember” which covers renditions of her father’s hit songs including “A Change Gone Come”, “Summertime” and “Lost and Looking” as well as several compositions she wrote and recorded two duets on Legendary Blues Artist Joe Louis Walker’s new compilation.  He had this to say about Carla as an artist during his interview with Union Leader Newspaper: “I think if there was a star of this record that really makes this whole thing work, it’s Carla Cooke as well as Waddy.  I very rarely say this but for the life of me, I can’t figure out why Carla Cooke is not a household name in the way that Natalie Cole is.  She is extremely talented, and she has a voice that, once you hear it, you never forget it.”

On June 22, 2019, Mayor Perkins of Shreveport, LA presented Carla with the “Key to the City” in honor of her father who encountered racism in the city.  The same weekend Carla was given “The R&B Legacy Award” from the Montford Pointe Marines at their Annual Ceremony.

It was an honor for Carla to be chosen to sing “Walk on By” as a tribute to Dionne Warwick at the 2016 Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.  After her performance at the 2017 R&B Hall of Fame Ceremony with Gerald Alston of The Manhattans, Billboard stated, “The ceremony’s show-stopping moment was a duet on Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” by Austin and Cooke’s daughter Carla Cooke”.

David Friscic of the D. C. Metro Arts Theater Magazine had this to say about Carla’s musical talent after her performance of “I will Always Love You” at Bethesda Blues and Jazz Super Club; “Ms. Cooke very daringly sang the entire song A Capella, with a purity of tone and a nuanced vocal power that (as actress Lily Tomlin would say) gave me ‘the goose bump experience’.  Chills went up and down my spine and the whole audience stood up cheering and applauding.  This was one of the moments when the performer transcended some very adequate lyrics to take the song to a much deeper and higher level by virtue of her sheer vocal artistry.”

Carla Cooke proves that the apple does not fall far from the tree as she gives the listener the raw talent, emotion, beauty and charisma that has her carrying the Cooke family torch musically into the new millennium.

Don’t miss the journey Carla will take you on with her performances!  Don’t miss this incredible show at The Music Room this summer on Saturday, July 1,st!